The new EVOTEK is a CNC Machine (Computer Numerical Control) studied and produced with the latest technologies with the purpose of cutting straight and special parts with Blades (i.e. elbows, Y shapes, offsets, reducers) from pre-insulated PIR panels (Polyisocyanurate) or similar sandwich foam-based materials, used for fabrication of HVAC ducting (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning).
The new system panel retainer (without vacuum pump) and portal movable too, it permits to have a machine encumbrance restrained (only 5 mt.) and more dimensional accuracy of finished pieces.

Due to a perfect product process industrialization CGM Srl propose to his valued customers a very high quality machine at the minimum cost. The standard machine is completed with a large quantity of accessories and devices dedicated to reduce the production time and generate the best quality of finished product.

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The standard machine includes

Three controlled and interpolated axes X-Y-C all equipped with brushless motors

Cutting unit 90°

Cutting unit 45° passenger

Cutting unit 45° not passenger

Marking unit, for numbering parts and easy sorting them after cutting

Automatic lubricating oil system

Parametric software

USB port

Maintenance and instruction’s manuals

Electric and pneumatic diagrams

Service tools

12 months guarantee

Laptop with software installed

Technical details

MINIMUM PANEL THICKNESS                10mm

MAXIMUM PANEL THICKNESS               30mm

MAXIMUM ALUMINIUM DEPTH              200 Micron

MAXIMUM PANEL WIDTH                      1200mm

MINIMUM PANEL LENGTH                     600mm

MAXIMUM PANEL LENGTH                    4000mm

WEIGTH OF MACHINE                          1500 Kg.

SIZES                                        500 x 220 x h. 185 cm

POWER SUPPLY                             400 VOLT 50/60 HZ